Beach Curls

10 Hairstyles for Beach party

Summer is here and you have to get ready for those amazing beach parties with your friends. But worried about which hairstyle to wear with that gorgeous bikini? Don’t worry here are some beautiful hairstyles to help you decide.

1. Braided Waves


Beach hair is often symbolized by natural wavy hair. Add a little twist to this popular and classy hairstyle by braiding a portion of your hair and making a headband out of it. A low maintenance hairstyle, which would not make you worry about your hair at all.

2. Loose Braid


If you are worried about the humidity and do not want to keep your hair open then tie your hair in a loose braid with a deep side parting. Braid your hair normally by parting all your hair to once side and then loosen it one braid at a time to give it volume

3. French Braid Bun


Ideal for those who do not want to keep their hair open, French braid your hair from the front till the middle and then tie all of it into a high bun. Add some summer hair accessories for a playful effect.

4. Braided Ponytail


A classy ponytail with a twist! Tie your hair as usual into a regular ponytail but leave a section of your hair from below. Take the hair that you’ve left and braid it normally and then roll it around the band of your ponytail and pin it below.

5. Beach Curls

Beach Curls

Thick, bouncy curls look as sumptuous at the beach as they do at a stylish party. Use some spray and 1 and ½ inch curling iron to create those gorgeous curls.

6. Straight and Braided

Straight and Braided

If you have naturally straight hair and want to show them off at the beach, add a few braids to the side and you are good to go. Just braid a few strands of your hair on one side and add some hair accessories for a glossy look.

7. Chic Scarf Bun


Tie your hair into a tight bun and accessorize it with a bright and colorful scarf with a contrasting print. Tie the scarf in a bow style on your head to get a chic and classy look.

8. Fishtail


One of the most popular beach hairstyles is the fishtail braid. They keep the hair out of your face and also give you a loose, messy look.

9. Casual Bun Braid

casual-bun- braid

French braid your hair from one side till the end and finish the braid by tucking it behind the other ear using pins. This hairstyle is perfect for a hot summer day at the beach.

10. Twisted Bun with scarf


Add a little color to your regular bun by incorporating a scarf of vibrant color into your bun.

This summer season is all about vibrant and bright colors. Have fun at the beach with these 10 perfect hairstyles. Add some fun summer accessories for a playful look.

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