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Hair Highlights That Rocked 2013

Hair highlights are the new beauty trend this year. Highlights are a fun way to bring some new life into your hair by giving them a different look. Getting your hair highlighted is much better than coloring your entire hair as they give a much more natural look than the flat boring and lifeless look of one solid color. Also, highlights grow out much more naturally and gracefully.

With 2012 ending, we saw many bold color highlights, but at the end of 2013, it was a completely new scenario with some new shades of highlights featuring this year. Here is a list of some highlights that rocked 2013:

1.    Ombre

This type of highlight is one of the most popular highlights showing up at red carpets and shows no signs of disappearing any time soon. This trend is all about nuances.Ombre highlights are darker at the top and becomes lighter as it reaches the tips giving lovely light shade at the end. This color looks best on girls with medium to long hair.

2.    Overturn Ombre

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This look is the reverse of Ombre. The highlight starts with a lighter shade at the roots and becomes darker towards the end. This look is as popular as Ombre and is definitely an eye catcher with its different and glamorous style.

3.    Rainbow Colored Ends

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If you love the colors on a rainbow, then this is definitely the style for you to try. One of the most daring and brave highlights but also the funkiest hairstyles to try. Pick three-four different colors and get them highlighted towards the tips so that the rest of your hair remains your natural color.

4.   Rainbow Streaks

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Like the above style, this one also contains streaks of different rainbow colors. However, unlike the above style, which is only highlighted at the end, with this type of highlight you can go crazy with your hair. Pick out the colors you like best and throw in all the highlights of the colors you like and get a funky crazy look.

5.    Hidden Highlights

If your find your hairstyle a little too boring but do not want to go extreme with highlights, then this style is perfect for your hair. Get the best of both worlds with this different and unique highlight. Easily hide them during the day and from your boss and go freestyle during the night.

6.    Red Highlights

Red is in! Get those gorgeous red color highlights and look amazingly fabulous. This is one color that will definitely catch everybody’s eye. Red highlights come in a variety of colors from a soft rose gold to deep dark red. But beware you have to take a lot of care with this color or it might turn into an ugly orange color that you might not like.

2013 definitely experienced some new and daring shades of highlights. If you are bored with you current shade of color, then why wait? Go get some highlights now!