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Matching Your Hair Style According To Face Cut

Every woman loves her hair. If your hairs are smooth, shiny then they are natural accessories. People have different styles of hair and they keep on changing. But right hair cut is secret to a good style. If you’re going to a hairstylist then have some from him about what will suits. You should do justice to your hair cut by choosing a cut which go perfect  ith you face. Yes, a hair cur must be adopted as per face cut.

For oval face shape –they can go for any style. They are envied most. They are damn lucky in having any type of style. They can break any rules for hair cut. If your hairs are thick then go for hot short fringe cut.

Hair Extensions Bethesda MD

For square face- if your face shape is square then keep length of your hair long. Then you can have any straight or add  waves or go for curls. It is advised to keep flowing hair because it distract attention from jaw which is widest in square face. But if you are planning for short hairs then keep the curly. Use accessories to highlight it. A long poker straight hair cut is just for you.


For heart shape face- they are narrow at bottom and wider at top. Flowing hair till jaw is perfect. It helps to make it oval shape.bob cut is perfect for heart shape people for the same reason. Your hairs must be soft and light by looks. Long curly locks will help them to look spectacular if they keep it loose.


For diamond shape- first of all your hairs must be soft and beautiful.  You can go for layered hair. It must be side sweet and should partially cover the cheek. Hair style with straight across strike is good option for diamond shape face.



For round shape face- Try to add little volume at top of your hair if your face is round. It will make it look slimmer and smarter. Don’t keep your hair shorter then shoulder. It looks elegant if they are longer. The thumb rule for round face is whatever style you opt it must give you face a longer look.


Over all we can conclude that for round shape face volume of hair must be large. But if your face is thin then comb at back and provide them thickness. Never keep short hair if you have heavy face. But if you have short hairs then give layer cut to them. This will help to look it slimmer and longer. It is advised to keep the hair in front long. Better looks, perfect hair cut is demand of every girl. A correct hair cut helps you to gain attention. It also makes you feel comfortable. It is not always necessary that the famous style will suit you what will suit depends upon your face cut.

Now, you’ve learned the right hair type for your charming personality, it’s time to pick the right methods to attain it. Getting them naturally is a time-consuming and complex task. So, hair extensions Rockville is the right way to go.

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