Short Hair Versus Long Hair

Cutting off your hair can be either liberating or appalling. The debate about which hairstyle, whether short hair or long hair, suits a girl has been going on for decades. Some women prefer long hair while others prefer short hair. However, the choice between the two heavily depends on the kind of face structure and hair texture that you have. Since hair takes a long time to come back, ensure you are fully prepared to carry short hair and give up those long beautiful locks.

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he main thing you should keep in mind before getting a haircut, is that you should feel and look good in them. If short hair makes your uncomfortable, it is best to hold it off and go with long hair or try it with a wig first. Short hairstyles are said to give you a more matured look while long hair give you a more feminine look. However, choosing the hair length also greatly depends on your body frame. Petite and small girls with long hair often end up looking even smaller. Instead girls with this body frame should go for short hairstyles as they give you a more chic and urbane look. Short hairstyles are known for their “confidence oozing appeal”, while long hair give you a more flirtatious and relaxed look. Short hair often swaps a feminine look with an elegant and a bolder look.

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Short hair gives a lot of emphasis to your neck and cheekbones. They highlight these features and make them stand out. Therefore, naturally a woman with long neck and high cheekbones would look much better with a short haircut. It will not only make her look tall and chic but also make her look confident and elegant. Hence women with strong jaw lines should opt for short hairstyles, where as, women with a heart face structure should opt for long hairstyles that avoid attention to the forehead. Short hair might make you look androgynous, a little messy or bare but at the same time this hairstyle makes you look elegant, chic and bold. It also keeps your weight in check, as short hair requires you to keep your weight under the acceptable limits.

The choice between short hair and long hair has a lot to do with the personality of the person as well. It is known that a woman with long hair often feel safer with their long mane, which in turn makes them feel pretty and beautiful. Many women also opt for long hair because of their respective husbands or boyfriends choice. It is a known fact that men prefer long hair to short hair. However, the choice between the length of your hair should be entirely your own. Think about whether you will be comfortable walking down the street in a stylish and bold pixie haircut or a bob or you prefer those gorgeous flowing comfortable locks that can be styled in any way. The choice is entirely yours.

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